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Our Mission 

The Real Election was created as a non-partisan website which aims to  Educate and Unite American citizens in turning over "old" Congress regardless of their affiliated political party.   Let's be honest, our political process seems elusively complex, but is it really easier to understand than the majority think?  We believe it can be and as such have created this platform to empower American voters by helping them see the bigger picture outside of presidential candidacy and political party affiliation.  

Currently there are no term limits for Congressional Seats.  If the President is only allowed a maximum of (2) four year terms, why is it the other 535 Congress seats do not have abide by a same or similar policy?    Sadly, because of this, we are now facing a government that is ran by "Career Politicians" who have been swayed by lobbyists for special interests which do not reflect the real needs or voice of The American People.  Instead of fighting for for the good of hardworking American's, they've become corrupt with greed for power and wealth, at The People's expense.

You have to ask yourself, who do you want running Your America?  A bunch of people who don't know what you do, or how you live?  The job of a politician is meant to be one of service, just as our founding fathers were when they formed this great country. If people are becoming millionaires thru public service then odds are they're serving themselves and the rich not the public. Let's get politicians back down to the level of, "We the People." We need politicians whose goal is to better our country, not line their pockets.

How do we do this without term limits?  We Educate, Unite, and VOTE out Carreer Politicians regardless of political affiliation.  Come November 8th, the Majority of American Voters will probably head to the polls with one main agenda, voting for President.  From there, they'll most likely scan down the ballot and select anyone who is in their choice political party without even thinking twice.  But this is where we are screwing up as Americans!  If you don't educate your self equally on the candidates you are voting into place, you'd probably do a better service by not voting at all.  Let's face it, to vote for or against anyone based solely on your political parties affiliation is no guarantee your needs as an american are going to be represented and voiced considering the amount of corruption that has infected both democratic and republican sides.  Want real change?  VOTE NEW NO MATTER WHO.  Until we can force out those in Congress who are sucking the life out of America, we don't stand a chance.  We ask that you please take some time prior to upcoming elections to review your voting options , and discover for yourself, who has been in Congress the longest, what they have or haven't done for you and take your knowledge to the polls.  We also ask that you give serious consideration to VOTING OUT Senators and Representatives who've held Congressional seats longer than the maximum presidential term of 8 years, regardless of party affiliation.   Thank you for visiting our site.  We wish you all well on your individual journey's  throughout this beautiful, vast, and resourceful country we proudly call America.     

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