Louisiana 2016

Congressional Elections


Incumbent Senator David Vitter is retiring after serving  (2)  Six Year Terms for a total of 12 years!  A total of 24 candidates filed to run and will compete in the general election on November 8, 2016. Should no candidate receive at least 50% of the vote, a runoff election will be held between the top two.   John Fleming (R) and Charles Boustany Jr. (R)  are also running candidates but not listed below because they don't qualify as a "Vote New No Matter Who" being they both have spent 6-12 years in Congress prior to this election.  

Choose to VOTE NEW by electing:

Beryl Billiot (Independent) - Businessman, USMC Veteran & '15 Gov. Candidate
Foster Campbell (D) - State PSC Commissioner, Ex-State Sen., Insurance Agency Owner & '07 Gov. Candidate
Joe Cao (R) - Ex-Congressman, Attorney & Community Activist
Thomas Clements (Libertarian) - Businessman & '14 Candidate
Donald "Crawdaddy" Crawford (R) - Business Consultant
David Duke (R) - Ex-State Rep., Ex-Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon, White Supremacist & Frequent Candidate
Derrick Edwards (D) - Attorney
Caroline Fayard (D) - Attorney, Ex-White House Aide, Ex-Congressional Aide & '10 Lt.Gov. Candidate
LeRoy Gillam (Libertarian) - Pentecostal Minister
Troy Hebert (Independent) - Ex-State ATC Commissioner, Ex-State Sen. & Ex-State Rep. 
John Kennedy (R) - State Treasurer, Ex-State Revenue Secretary, Attorney & '04/'08 Candidate
Gary Landrieu (D) - Building Contractor & Frequent Candidate
Bob Lang (Independent) - Retired Fire Chief, Vietnam War Veteran, '10 Candidate & '11 Gov. Candidate
Rob Maness (R) - Retired USAF Officer, Tea Party Activist & '14 Candidate
Kaitlin Marone (Independent) - Comedian
Charles Marsala (R) - FInancial Advisor & Ex-Atherton (CA) Mayor
Vinny Mendoza (D) - Ex-Assistant USAF Inspector General, Farmer & Frequent Candidate
Abhay Patel (R) - Business Development Executive & Ex-Investment Banker
Josh Pellerin (D) - Energy Executive
Gregory Taylor (Independent) - '15 Gov. Candidate
Arden Wells (Independent) - Disbarred Attorney, Tea Party Activist & Frequent Candidate
Peter Williams (D) - Tree Farmer & '13/'14 US Rep. Candidate


Louisiana District 1

 Incumbent Running Steve Scalise has served (4) Two Year Terms for a total of 8 Years

Choose to VOTE NEW NO MATTER WHO by electing:

Eliot Barron (Green) - Realtor & '13/'14 Candidate
Lee Dugas (D) - Disabled Desert Storm Veteran, Democratic Activist & '14 Candidate
Danil Faust (D) - Technical Analyst, Bartender & Army Veteran
Howard Kearney (Libertarian) - Computer Programmer
Joe Swider (D) - Psychiatrist
Chuemai Yang (Independent) - Optometrist

Louisiana District 3

Representative Charles Boustany Jr. (R)  has served (6) Two Year Terms for a total of 12 Years and is now running for U.S. Senator.  

Choose to VOTE NEW  by electing:

Scott Angelle (R) - Public Service Commissioner, Ex-Lt.Gov. & Ex-St Martin Parish Pres. & '15 Gov. Candidate
Bryan Barrilleaux (R) - Physician & '12/'14 Candidate
Greg Ellison (R) - Energy Executive & Retired Army Officer
Brett Geymann (R) - Ex-State Rep. & Businessman
Jake "Dorian Phibian" Hebert (D) - Artist & Musician
Clay Higgins (R) - Retired Police Captain
Guy McLendon (Libertarian) - Instrumentation Engineer, Libertarian Activist & '02 Candidate
Larry Rader (D) - Insurance Agency Owner & USAF Veteran
Gus Rantz (R) - Healthcare Industry Executive & Attorney
Grover Rees (R) - Ex-US Ambassador, Attorney, Ex-Congressional Aide & GOP Activist
Kenny Scelfo (Independent) - Frequent Candidate
Herman Vidrine (R) - Retired State Employee

Louisiana District 4

Representative John Fleming (R) has served (4) Two Year Terms for a total of 8 Years and is now running for U.S. Senator.  

Choose to

Choose to VOTE NEW by electing:

Trey Baucum (R) - Physician
Elbert Guillory (R) - Ex-State Sen., Attorney & '15 Lt.Gov. Candidate
Mark Halverson (Independent) - IT Specialist
Oliver Jenkins (R) - Shreveport Councilman, Energy Executive, Retired Army Officer & Iraq War Veteran
Rick John (R) - Attorney 
Mike Johnson (R) - State Rep. & Attorney
J. Marshall Jones Jr. (D) - Attorney & '88 Candidate
Ken Krefft (Independent) - Real Estate Agent & Community Activist