Voting 101

1) How much power does Congress have over the President?


2) Fact: We are an amazing "form of democracy" yet not a "true democracy", on purpose!  Why?  Balance.

3)  The President of the United States has "Term Limits" (maximum 2 four year terms) while Congress does not..  Each state gets (2) senators per state for a 6 year term.  Where is the problem?  The problem is they are allowed to run again, and again, and again..... for as long as they can and our ignorance will allow.  There are currently 205 seats in the House of Representatives who have served at least as long as our presidents are allowed.  In addition, there is nearly half of the 34 Senate seats up for re-election who have served (12) years+.  The beauty is, we can make a difference once we are able to come together beyond discriminatory belief.  #votenewnomatterwho 

4)  While we can't change term limits over night, we can vote educated.  Voting for president, and winning... may bring you a temporary sense of relief, but long lived fortitude has much less to do with winning as it i does education, vision, and fuel.  

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